SC 9.0.6 and colorblindness

Stephen Rabinowitz

This new version of Spot Collector is working beautifully for me. It connects quickly with all of the selected spot sources and stays connected. It adds pre-filter options to those previously available. From one session to the next it recalls initial cluster commands.
One accessability enhancement that has received little attention is a boon to the colorblind. One in twelve men has difficulty in distinguishing red from green, especially if the items are small. I for one could not make sense of the spot source status dots on the main screen. Dave has solved the problem by enabling the connected status to be shown in blue rather than green. The choice is located at the bottom of the Spot Sources tab.
Many thanks to Dave for this option.
73, Steve K2SN


Thanks a lot, Steve, to make me aware of this new feature and to Dave for implementing this. Luckily I can still separate the red and green dots in the spot sources but I see my ability of separating the colours degrading year by year when I have to do the color test for my yearly renewal of my drivers license. Therefore it's a question of age at the end as well if you will need this option or not to make the life easier.


Juergen, DL8LE