broken DXLAB

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

My friend's dxlab launcher is screwed up and won't work. I have tried to fix it but no luck.

+ Had you stopped this point and posted a message here explaining exactly what "screwed up and won't work" means, I'd likely have been able to correct whatever was wrong.

I want to do a full clean install so I renamed the dxlab folder downloaded dxlauncher and installed it in a new dxlab folder.
opened dxlauncher and upgraded it to v2.1.4 all of the buttons above every module are red. if i click one it reads that that module cannot be found

+ You are way outside the Windows envelope.

+ Renaming the DXLab folder that contains DXLab applications breaks each of those applications. Installing the Launcher in a new DXLab folder does not result in a "clean install"; it results in a mess.

I read that when launcher was installed that all the other modules are also installed but i am not seeing this

+ You didn't read that here or in any DXLab documentation. The Launcher installs DXLab applications one at a time, each at your direction.

I think it is cockpit trouble so can anybody throw this old dog a bone?

+ All bets are off at this point. You could try directing Windows to uninstall the Launcher, un-rename the DXLab folder to its original name, and then install the Launcher in that DXLab folder. The odds of this producing a reliable system are maybe 50%.

+ Windows is a brittle and unforgiving system. If you get to a point where you aren't absolutely certain that you know what to do, do nothing, and seek help here. Otherwise, backing up everything, wiping your C: drive, and re-installing Windows will become an all-too-familiar task.


Dave, AA6YQ