QRE: [DXLab] DXKeeper Error

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have had to reinstall everything on my windows 10 machine thanks to a boot error that just made a total mess.

Anyway, when DXKeeper starts, I'm getting a message VW-WAE award file c:\DXLab\DXKeeper\Databases\CQWAE.txt contains an entry that
does not specify the region's continent.

The file shows this:

1,206,4U1V,ITU Vienna,CQ,WAE

2,248,IG9/IH9,African Italy,CQ,NoWAE


4,259,JW/B, Bear Island,CQ,WAE

5,279,GM/S,Shetland Islands,CQ,WAE

6,390,TA1,European Turkey,CQ,WAE


What does this error tell me other than DKX can't figure out the continent but I don't see that.

+ On 2019-02-14, I released DXKeeper 1485 with this enhancement:

"includes a by-continent analysis in the CQ DX Marathon progress report"

+ Implementing this functionality required appending an explicit continent designator to each entry in the CQWAE.txt file residing
in DXKeeper's Databases folder:

1,206,4U1V,ITU Vienna,CQ,WAE,EU
2,248,IG9/IH9,African Italy,CQ,NoWAE,AF
4,259,JW/B, Bear Island,CQ,WAE,EU
5,279,GM/S,Shetland Islands,CQ,WAE,EU
6,390,TA1,European Turkey,CQ,WAE,EU

+ Every DXKeeper update released since then has included the updated version of this CQWAE.txt file. Why this file was not properly
installed along with everything else when you recovered from your recent failure, I can't say.

+ You can obtain the current version of this file from


+ Terminate DXKeeper, delete the existing CQWAE.txt in DXKeeper's Databases folder, download the above URL and save its contents to
a file named CQWAE.txt in DXKeeper's Databases folder, and then start DXKeeper. Any joy?


Dave, AA6YQ