GridTracker and LoTW

Dave AA6YQ

GridTracker is open source, so I downloaded its source code from

GridTracker contains a function called grabLOtWLog that when invoked, directs LoTW to report every QSO in your log. This function
appears to be invoked when GridTracker first starts if the variable


is set to "true". I assume that this is a configuration setting, but I can't verify this because GridTracker doesn't successfully
run on my Windows 8 test system -- it starts up 5 processes, places reports about ReadMemory operations failing in its debug.log
file, but doesn't display a window.

I looked for a GridTracker user manual that might document this option, but the document I downloaded did not mention this option.

Thus if you start GridTracker with its "Load LoTW" option enabled, it will direct LoTW to download every QSO you've submitted. If
you direct DXKeeper to perform a "Sync LoTW QSOs" or "Sync LoTW QSLs" operation while GridTracker's download is still underway, the
LoTW logic added to prevent "download abuse" will result in DXKeeper receiving an "invalid request" from LoTW. I don't know exactly
what LoTW's "download abuse" logic does, as it's not documented; possibly, it may reject subsequent download requests for a period
of time.

That led to this realtime exchange with the GridTracker developers in which they acknowledged that GridTracker works as described
above -- and has for the past year! They promised to correct it, but gave no timeframe.


Dave, AA6YQ