Error Log - K3

Dave AA6YQ

Thanks for the errorlog, Mike.

It begins at 2021-04-06 17:43:14 and ends 63 seconds later at 17:44:17.

At 17:43:30, Commander reported your K3's frequency as 14024.82

46 seconds later at 17:55:16, Commander reported your K3's frequency as 14050.91

The errorlog you sent me shows correct operation throughout.

I do see many entries like these in your errorlog:

CIVComm.OnComm: comEvCTS
CIVComm.OnComm: comEvDSR
CIVComm.OnComm: comEvCD

These entries mean that Commander is receiving indications that the serial port's CTS, DSR, and CD signals are changing state. I've seen this happen when there are long, unterminated wires connected to these serial port signals. While they cause no functional harm, handling these events does consume additional CPU cycles, so it would be best to stop them from occurring.


Dave, AA6YQ