the new Q65 mode supported by WSJT v2.4

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I see in the release notes they've adopted ADIF recommendation of mode: MFSK submode:Q65.

Does this mean it's now in the ADIF spec and ready for adoption by loggers like DXlabs?

+ ADIF has not yet approved the addition of Q65. It hasn't even been put forward for a vote, despite multiple prompts from me and several other ADIF members.

+ LoTW does not yet accept QSOs whose mode is Q65.

+ You can add Q65 to DXKeeper's Mode selectors by following the procedure described here:

+ To submit Q65 QSOs to LoTW, configure TQSL to "map" Q65 to DATA, as described in "Adding and Deleting ADIF Mode Mappings":

+ Q65 QSOs with then count towards DXCC mixed and digital awards, WAS mixed and digital awards, WAZ mixed and digital awards, and WPX mixed and digital awards. When the ARRL releases a "Configuration data file" that enables TQSL to accept Q65 QSOs, delete the Q65 mode mapping in TQSL. If a Q65 WAS endorsement is subsequently announced, you should resubmit your Q65 QSOs to LoTW so that your Q65 QSO partners will be credited with the necessary "exact mode match".


Dave, AA6YQ