DX Keeper Won’t Plot QSO’s on DX Atlas Map

Brian Deuby

Recently I found that when I click “Plot” on DX Keeper it does not plot my QSO’s on DX Atlas. After experimenting with various settings without success, I uninstalled and reinstalled DX Atlas. 

DX Labs launcher launches the reinstalled DX Atlas but when I click “Plot” in DX Keeper, it briefly says “Plotting 440 QSO’s (and shows the horizontal progress bar)  - but nothing shows up on the DX Atlas map. Also, unlike was previously the case, DX Atlas no longer closes when I terminate DX Labs launcher. 

I’m guessing that I’m overlooking a setting in DX Keeper and/or DX Atlas, but right now, I’m stumped. Any guidance would be appreciated. 

Thanks, Brian K8GRR