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Dave AA6YQ

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Well that would be better than what's happening now.

Your suggestion sounds like a reasonable solution.

I thought there was a setting that allowed DXKeeper to be populated with previous qso info or not to be populated but still show previous qso info.

+ There is no such setting. As usual, I'm reluctant to add new settings because they increase user-perceived complexity - especially for a "once in 20 years" request.

Since I do not subscribe to any callbooks and have primary call book set to none is that why it is auto populating?

+ Unless an override is specified, DXKeeper harvests information from previously-logged QSOs if its "Display previous QSOs on Lookup" option is enabled:


Would subscribing to one of the callbooks and clicking the "automatically use callbook data to initialize new QSO's" eliminate my problem?

+ No, because information extracted from previous QSOs has priority over information provided by a callbook lookup.


Dave, AA6YQ