[Elecraft] Powering down K3 using DXLab Commander

Joe Subich, W4TV

The K3/K3S does not have any provision to turn on via the RS-232/USB
interface. When it is powered down the processor is not running so
there is nothing there to interpret commands.

The only way to perform a remote power on is to pull the "power on" line
of the ACC connector to ground for at least 100 msec (K3 Owner's Manual,
page 44). Unfortunately, I do not know that Commander has any provision
to toggle a specific hardware signal in response to a User Defined


... Joe, W4TV

On 2021-02-12 2:46 PM, David F. Reed wrote:
I need some help figuring this out; I can do the power down from the Elecraft Utility (using command "*PS0;*")
In trying to get it to run from Commander, I have done the following (but no results); other than this, Commander is working fine.
User -defined Command Sequence:
    Note:             Power Off
    Command:    PS0;
Unfortunately, hitting Run on the edit screen, or clicking F5 button produces no results.
Any hints for the befuddled?
Thanks & 73 de Dave, W5SV