another new K1JT mode: Q65

Dave AA6YQ

The latest release candidate for WSJT-X, v2.4.0-rc1, introduces a new mode called Q65. Quoting from their quick-start guide:

"Q65 uses 65-tone frequency-shift keying and builds on the demonstrated weak-signal strengths of QRA64, a mode introduced to WSJT-X
in 2016"

After Q65 has been accepted by ADIF, I will update DXKeeper's DefaultModes.txt file to include Q65, and update SpotCollector to
recognize Q65 in spot notes.

If you'd like to immediately add Q65 to SpotCollector's mode selectors, see "Adding Support for a New Mode" in

Tnx to Rick K1MU for the information on Q65!


Dave, AA6YQ