~25%RE: [DXLab] Card submission and digital modes

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Just spoke to DXCC desk about a mode mismatch issue. I submitted a cards for 40m FT8 and 160m FT8 and they were entered as RTTY (DATA) rather than FT8 (DATA). I asked if this could be changed and was told that the entry is the result of the drop downs presented of only CW, RTTY and PHONE on their entry system.

The result is that I got a mismatch when downloading credits and my tallies for Verified on those two bands were each short one QSL. Took a while to find it.

Since ARRL can't make the mode changes I can just edit the entry in DXK to a status of V.

Are there any other side effects from doing so? I don't chase specific digital modes. I do pursue (leisurely) CW modes. Otherwise Mixed is fine for me.

+ As noted in the documentation, ~25% of the DXCC credits created from QSL cards contain data entry errors or shortcuts that prevent exact matches between credits and logged QSOs. DXKeeper's Credit Manager provides a mechanism for dealing with this. See



Dave, AA6YQ