QRRE: [DXLab] Mystery Error Message

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I do not suspect the error from DXLabs, at least not directly. It seems to pop in randomly, and I have been unable to make it happen routinely.
I had the entire suite running (except for Pathfinder) along with LogPublisher and CWGet. Given that the error mentioned XML, I am suspecting something related to QRZ lookups as I pay for the QRZ XML Logbook data subscription. The other place it could be coming from is ClubLog, as I think they are doing a server changeout right now.

+ If you have DXKeeper to configured to use the "QRZ XML" service, all of the code involved resides in DXKeeper- it downloads information in XML format from QRZ, and extract the callbook data from that -, so QRZ is not the source of the error message.


Dave, AA6YQ