Three Requests

Dave AA6YQ

1. If you haven't backed up your DXLab settings and critical DXLab files, please do so, as described step-by-step in


2. After permanently changing a DXLab application's settings, direct the Launcher to update your backed up settings, as described in
the "Saving the Windows Registry Settings of One Selected DXLab Application to a Workspace" section of


3. If a DXLab application that had been functioning correctly suddenly and inexplicably stops functioning correctly, terminate the
application, and direct the Launcher to restore the application's settings from the Workspace created in step 2 above, as described
in the "Loading the Windows Registry with One Selected DXLab Application's Settings from a Workspace" section of


If the restarted application still does not function incorrectly, reboot Windows into "Safe Mode with Networking" and start the
application. If it now works correctly, then configure your anti-malware applications to consider each of your DXLab applications to
be "Safe", and then reboot Windows normally.


Dave, AA6YQ