WinWarbler 2.9.6 is available

Dave AA6YQ

In this release

- when you double-click on a PSK or PSK63 Spot Database Entry (in
SpotCollector) with Commander running, the transceiver will in all
cases be placed into the mode specified on the Soundcard PSK tab of
WinWarbler's Config window (thanks to Joe K4IK for nailing the
problem so precisely that his report took me directly to the
defective line of code)

- you can now select an MMTTY profile from the the Main window's
Receive panel

- the SoundcardRTTYReception.htm online documentation file has been

Using the MMTTY Setup dialog (Config window, Soundcard RTTY tab,
Setup button), you can configure the MMTTY engine to use one of three
discriminators: an Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) resonator, a
Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter, or a Phase-locked Loop (PLL).
You can can adjust the IIR resonator's bandwidth, or specify the
number of taps in the FIR filter. Besides discriminator settings, you
can also configure the limiter and the low-pass filter. Providing all
of these settings makes MMTTY exceptionally flexible; however,
tweaking this many settings while trying to work BQ9P through the
auroral flutter is clearly impractical.

To address this problem, MMTTY provides profiles. A profile is a
named array of values for each of MMTTY's decoding settings. When you
select a profile, all of MMTTY's decoding settings are simultaneously
established. MMTTY lets you define up to 8 profiles; profile
definitions are stored in a file named USERPARA.INI that resides in
your WinWarbler folder.

This release of WinWarbler includes a USERPARA.INI file in a new
Profiles folder; this USERPARA.INI provides 5 predefined profiles:

* standard RTTY

* fluttered signals

* fluttered signals (FIR)

* multi-path

* 23hz RTTY

To gain access to the above profiles, copy USERPARA.INI from the
WinWarbler/Profile sub-folder to the WinWarbler folder before
starting WinWarbler. WinWarbler lets you choose from among the
profiles in your USERPARA.INI file via the new Profile Selector in
the Main window's RTTY Receive panel. Selecting a profile can change
MMTTY's Unshift On Space, Reverse, and Keyboard Mode settings; you
may need to modify these settings if they don't match your setup
and/or preferences.

You can use MMTTY to customize the above profiles, or create new ones
that you can access via WinWarbler. If you've developed your own
profiles using MMTTY, copy the USERPARA.INI file from your MMTTY
folder to your WinWarbler folder. You can also directly edit your
USERPARA.INI file with a text editor like Notepad, but the codes
found in this file are terse and undocumented.

WinWarbler 2.9.6 is available via or via this reflector's Files


Dave, AA6YQ

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