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Joe Subich, K4IK <k4ik@...>


I'm sure this is working as designed ... but not as I would expect
it to work ...

When I double click a spot in SpotCollector, only the base call is
filtered in DXKeeper. For example, if I double click on VP5/W5AO,
my log is filtered on W5AO.

That's fine if I'm looking for previous contacts with W5AO no
matter where he has operated. However, if I'm looking for VP5
(and want to see how long I've been waiting for a 30 meter VP5
card) and want to decide whether to get into the pile-up, it
doesn't work.

I know this the difference between "station orientation" and
"entity orientation" ... but not being a ragchewer, the entity
is more important to me than the number of contacts I have made
with a particular (operator). Even then, I don't think the current
operation makes a lot of sense if one is looking for previous
contacts with W5AO as it's likely that most contacts from other
entities will be "hidden" by different call sign ...

Just some food for though ...


... Joe, K4IK

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