Re: DXKeeper 9.7.5 QSL Stats Bug


Thanks Dave, I think it's straightened out now, but I sent you copies of the QSL reports to look at.

Thanks and 73!

Steve KU4BY

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Subject: [dxlab] DXKeeper 9.7.5 QSL Stats Bug

Hey Guys, I noticed something odd while checking my qsl statistics and was
wondering if this was a bug or if I might have something hosed up in
DXKeeper. My LOTW report columns are inverted.

For example, for 10M, I have uploaded 25 QSLs to LOTW. Of those 25, 21 have
confirmed. The simple calculation of 21/25 would show that I should be at
84% confirmed BUT DXKeeper is calculating it backwards and showing it as
being 119%, or 25/21. It appears to be doing this for all bands and modes
under the LOTW columns only.

I'm not sure when this changed but I know it used to work properly.

Please attach your "QSL Statistics" report to an email message and send
it to me via

aa6yq (at)


Dave, AA6YQ

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