Re: Running part of the suite on 2 computers at the same time.

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I second Joe's comment about going to two monitors. You already have the 2nd monitor, a dual video card can be had for as little as $30 to $50 depending how fancy you want to go.

Losing the interoperability of the DXlabs modules by using two computers gives up a lot of functionality and is way more complicated than necessary.

Like the OP also said, you may already have the capability of dual monitors.


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I understand that I can not have DX Keeper running on two computers at the
same time. No problem with that.


The screen is very small on computer #2. So, can I use DX Keeper,
Commander, SC and maybe WW on computer #2 and DXV, PF and PV on computer #1
at the same time?

I realize that I would need to hand enter calls into DXV by hand.

The only files that get shared is the DX Keeper log file and the two
computers are not networked. Only computer #2 is connected to the rig.


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