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I think more accurately DX Keepers 'Capture' window loads the station
callsign and information. Pressing the 'log' button in the Capture
window will log the QSO. If you're also running DXView it will change to
show the stats for that DX entity. A single click will just change
DXView without loading the Capture window or filtering DXKeeper. Do you
have the capture window displayed?

From the help file:

When you double-click on a Spot Database Entry, SpotCollector's notifies
the DXLab <> applications DXView
<> , DXKeeper
<> , WinWarbler
<> , Pathfinder
<> , and Commander
<> if they are currently running,
and sends them information as described below.

DXKeeper <>

filters its Log Page Display to show previous QSOs with the
station's base callsign, or previous QSOs with the station's
DXCC entity as specified by the setting in SpotCollector's Log
og%20Filter> panel

places the DX station's callsign, frequency, and mode into the
appropriate fields of its Capture window so that you can log your
QSO with a single click after entering the additional information gained
during the conversation

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable can add more detail but that's the
way it works for me.

The help file above is at:
<> .

Hope this helps,


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I am still very new to this program so please forgive my ignorance. I
in the spot collector documentation that double clicking a spot should
the relevant information into DX Keeper for logging. This is not
working on
my installation, all that happens is that DX Keeper comes up with an
record with the spotted call in the previous call filter. Any help
will be

Thanks - Phil N7UX

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