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I saw this somewhere too, not sure where. I believe the solution was as Dave suggested - let it install whatever it wants to install.

After installing it didn't show up again.

If it wasn't on this list then the N1MM list as they are the only ones I follow close enough to remember.


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Yes I have Office 2003 installed on the computer.

The office thing seems strange any ideas? Uninstall Office and reinstall it?

While I'm sure I terminated DXK several times, rebooting the machine has fixed the printer problem.


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AA6YQ comments below
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I recently upgraded? to Win 7 32 bit. After installing DXKeeper ans Spot
Collector, I get a strange action. MS Office wants to install itself when I
start either of these two programs. The other pasts of the Suite do not do

Do you have Office installed on your Windows 7 system?

The other upgrade problem is that DXKeeper will not print labels. It says
to enter the paper size. The boxes for paper size have pull downs but these
are empty. One or two releases prior to this worked in Win XP. Where do I
enter the paper sizes or what can I put there. I am printing to an HP 6800
ink jet printer on my local nerwork.

There is a defect in DXKeeper that prevents you from immediately
selecting paper sizes after you select a new printer. To work around this
defect , terminate and restart DXKeeper. The defect is corrected in the next
version of DXKeeper.


Dave, AA6YQ

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