Re: "myQTH" and "station call" blinking

Steve K8JQ

Thanks for pointing me to a solution Dave.

I found no entries in the myQTH tab, it should have about a dozen. The substitution and replacement import options were unchecked. Don't know how I lost the QTH info and the import options.

At any rate, I always make a backup of the mdb file prior to importing a block of ADIF records. So I got the most recent backup that had the myQTH info and the import options configured, did two ADIF imports to make it current and I'm back in business.

Thanks and 73,

Steve K8JQ

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I'm having a problem importing an ADIF file into DXKeeper. I find the
Auxiliary panel's "station call" field label is blinking blue. Ditto the
QSL panel's myQTH field label. Both of those fields are blank for the
newly imported QSO's. Other fields in those QSO's appear to be correct.

Other (prior) QSO's in the log have those fields populated and there is
no blinking.

I have imported thousands of QSO's in recent years without incident,
some as recently as last Friday. Perhaps I have inadvertently changed a
configuration parameter?

How do I get those fields populated when importing and thereby stop the

If you have defined one or more "my QTHs" on the Main window's "my QTHs"
tab, then DXKeeper will flag any QSO that does not specify a "my QTH". A
missing "Station Callign" is also flagged.

When about to import QSOs that don't specify a "my QTH" or a "Station
Callsign", you can use the "Substitution options" and "Replacement options"
panel on the Main window's "Import QSOs" panel to specify a "my QTH" and a
"Station Callsign". Have you used these options in the past when importing?


Dave, AA6YQ


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