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Mike - AA1AR

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On Sep 26, 2011, at 11:53:51, Joe wrote:
I have a question, is this possible?

what folder would I copy if I wanted to archive everything say to the
"Cloud" for safe keeping,


Say i have the program installed on two different machines, the home
machine and a laptop for portable operations.

Can I say I was someplace operating and was using the laptop, and made a
hundred contacts.

When i got home, is there a say a folder that I can copy from the
laptop, and over write in the home machine to automatically up date the
home machine with all the new info?

or do i just have to make a new adif file from the laptop and import it
to the home machine?

what way would be the best to keep the two machines synced together?

I have DXLab installed on two computers, and I do this by backing up the log at the end of a session to a Dropbox folder on the computer (backing up to the local hard drive is very fast). As soon as Dropbox sees a change in the status of that folder, it uploads the change to the Dropbox server online.

Both computers are running virtually all the time, so anything backed up from one of them winds up in the Dropbox folder of the other computer within a few minutes. The next operating session, if I happen to be using a different computer, I start the session by restoring the log backup from the local Dropbox folder on that computer. In this manner, I'm always in sync and using the latest update of the log data.

Check it out and see if you think it will work for you!

Hope this helps.


John K8AJS
I take that a step further and store my working database in the dropbox folder. I have only one computer on at a time, however.

73, Mike aa1ar

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