Re: Ham Radio Deluxe has been sold

Darrell Drake

Hi All....

I hear and work a lot of PSK stations and have yet to hear/see any
stations who use the DXLAB Suite of programs, other than myself.

Most ops seem to use HRD or DigiPan, or something else, but none use the
DXLab programs.

So where are the DXLab people hiding? We may see more using DXLabs if
indeed the 'price' of HRD goes up !




--- In, "vk2ca" <saj507@...> wrote:

Hi All

Noticed that Simon has sold HRD to a group of hams from the US:;#92;

May mean an influx of people to DXlab if the HRD "price" goes up?

cheers...Allan VK2CA

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