Re: SpotCollector design, DXView screensize

Dave, AA6YQ <dhb@...>

I hope that SpotCollector is next on your to do list. I find that
absence of that is the major reason that I keep reverting to
Logger. I think that once the bugs are worked out and
SpotCollector implemented this will become my main modus operandi!

>The original spot management design involves several applications:

NetCluster -- obtains spots from Telnet packetclusters

PacketCluster -- obtains spots from VHF packetclusters via a TNC
connected to a com port

CQDX -- obtains DXS spots via the #CQDX IRC channel

SpotCollector -- aggregates and displays spots collected from
multiple instances of NetCluster, PacketCluster, and CQDX

This design makes it possible to simultaneously collect spots from
multiple sources and intelligently merge them into a single database.

I've implemented NetCluster and SpotCollector and have them basically
working. SpotCollector currently lacks DXKeeper's database sort and filter
capabilities, and you can't yet configure the presentation of the database
fields to your taste.

I am having second thoughts about forcing the user to deal with so many
different applications . Realistically, the most anyone will do is run two
or three NetClusters, one PacketCluster, and one CQDX. So I'm now thinking
of packaging these within SpotCollector. While NetCluster, PacketCluster,
and CQDX each maintain a window that monitors their respective source, in
practice one focuses on the merged database display maintained by

Anyone see a problem with this simplified packaging?

> In the non-map portion of DXView's window, about half
> the space is taken up
> with control labels and associated whitespace; would an
> "expert view"
> lacking this nicety be a reasonable alternative?

Hmm! I don't think id like it without any control labels some of
them could be abbreviated and made smaller. Let's see ....

We don't need the Go button, that could be performed by double
clicking the callsign. Prefix could be abbreviated and that field
made smaller, Country could be smaller. Lat/Lon can be made
slightly smaller, distance can be smaller, grid can be eliminated
(put that in the title bar instead of Lat/Lon), Region and Time
can be eliminated. The DXCC button could be eliminated and become
a tab in the config dialog, help could be reduced to a "?". How
does it lay out now? I'd have to see it. Maybe there are a few
other economies that could be applied without affecting the

You already have a Map button there. If the main map were hidden
by default, clicking that button would display it, clicking on the
map itself could toggle between the large scale map and the more
detailed ones. The traditional "x" in the title bar would hide the
map again. How are we doing?

>>>Some good ideas to consider.

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