Re: Workspace

Richard B Drake

Peter Chamalian wrote:
I tried a workspace but it really wasn't that clear as to what it does, so I
deleted it (via the workspace window). After restarting launcher, that
deleted workspace shows up at the bottom.

a) What does workspace do and
A workspace is a file backup of all the DXLab registry settings which include your option settings and window positions etc. If you use different screen layouts or options for different situations you can create multiple Workspaces and activate them as needed.

b) How do I remove it so launcher doesn't see it any longer if I decide
I don't want it.
You can remove the Workspace file but doing so has no affect on the Windows registry. The last used settings remain in the registry and if they were removed your entire setup would be lost. So the answer is it can't be removed and there is absolutely no reason not to want it. If you don't use multiple Workspaces or never want to restore lost settings there is no need to worry about it.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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