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I've recently upgraded all the application in DX Lab after my return at

Today i've noticed that when a double click on a spot entry in Spot
Collector, Commander QSY my FT-1000 and the Path Finder window automatically
brings up over the Spot Collector window showing the QRZ info of the spotted

Before the update, double clicking oh the spot entry in SC, the Commander
made a QSY on my Radio but SC STAYS IN BACKGROUND

As i have a cluttered screen (22") i have tiled SC and PF one over another
and ONLY when i need to read the page of the spotted callsign, i
manually bring up the PF window in foreground.

Maybe i'm missing something (i've been far from my shack for 1 month) but i
didn't find any Preferences that avoid this. Only the use of the Mouse Right
Click + QSY avoid me this.

Is there any way "to restore" the previous behavior of PF?

Sometimes Pathfinder's captive web browser (Internet Explorer) decides to
grab focus after completing a search or a lookup. I have chased this down
many times over the years, but have never found a reliable way to replicate
it or control it. If you're going to have SpotCollector and Pathfinder share
the same screen space, make Pathfinder's window a little less tall so that
when Pathfinder petulantly appears atop SpotCollector, you can correct the
situation by simply clicking on the still-visible title bar of
SpotCollector's Main window.


Dave, AA6YQ

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