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Thanks, Dave, that is simple and easy!

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I have just added two filters to quickly filter for:

1. Only NA origin spots (NAE='Y' or NAM='Y' or NAW='Y')

2. Spots from all origins (NAE='Y' or NAM='Y' or NAW='Y' or EU='Y' or
or AS='Y' or AF='Y' or OC='Y' or UN='Y')

Now I'd like to have this for Only NA origin spots that are needed (DX
entity band, mode, CQ zone band or mode unworked, including the Marathon)

The SQL expression for that is
((NAE='Y' or NAM='Y' or NAW='Y')) and <needfilter>

The goal is to be able to single-click to change the display from 'all
spots' to 'NA spots' to 'NA-spotted Needed.'

Also, the existing band and mode filters are kept with the 'Need' and the
'X' button. This makes lots of sense. How do I add those parameters to my
created filters so mine will also know the desired bands and modes? Could I

(NAE='Y' or NAM='Y' or NAW='Y') AND (Band='160' or Band='80' ...Band='6')
AND (Mode='SSB' or Mode='CW...Mode='RTTY') or is it more complex than that?

It's simpler than that:
((NAE='Y' or NAM='Y' or NAW='Y')) and <needfilter> and <bandfilter> and

For more useful substitution commands, see

Doing so will hard-wire the bands and modes in the SQL, as opposed to using
whatever values might be checked in the Band and Mode check boxes that pop
up when those buttons are clicked. The best way would be to refer to those
pop-up box values but the other way would work.

That's what exactly <bandfilter> and <modefilter> do.

Dave, AA6YQ


Chuck Chandler

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