Re: SpotCollector startup not possible when spots DB open.


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I suspect this is more of a feature request than an issue unless there is
already an option.

I wish to have an application access the Spots database for read,
independently of the DXlab suite. I am hitting a small problem which I think
is because SpotCollector is trying to compact the spots database on startup.
Spot collector refuses to start if the database is already open (even in
read only deny none mode).

Is it possible to allow SpotCollector to start without trying to compact the
spots database?

It's not, Bill.
OK, well lets make this a feature request:

If SpotCollector cannot get exclusive access to the spots database it should not fail to start, instead it should skip the automatic compaction step (possibly with a warning message suggesting that a manual compaction via the config panel might be done later) and carry on with normal processing.

I doubt there is much interest in this feature but I feel that the spots database is a valuable data source that can be mined for many purposes and doing such mining should not impede the startup of the "official" application.


Dave, AA6YQ

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