Re: How to print a single QSL Card ?

Richard B Drake

Yes it has come up before and it's not a problem. .jpg files can easily be converted to .bmp format using almost any photo processing software or even Windows Paint which is an integral part of all versions of Windows. Usually this is done by opening the .jpg file and using File>Save As... to save the image in .bmp format.

See: <C:&#92;DXLab&#92;DXKeeper&#92;Help&#92;QSLConfiguration.htm> which contains a link to the "Microsoft Pain" documentation.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

Kenneth Johansson wrote:

Another thing that has to do with printing out paper-QSLs: The background must be in bmp-format. I certainly don't have a lot of bmp-pictures on my computer but thousands of jpg-pictures. I guess that goes for most of us. Is there a way to use jpg-files as QSL-backgrounds?
I bet this question has popped up b4.


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