Re: tongue in cheek 'feature request'

Todd Atkins

One way to do it would be to copy/paste all the text from WW into a word
document and then use the "Find" function in Word to search for your call
which will then tell you how many instances of your call it found. I think
word will also count all the number of words in your document and display
those results but this might get thrown off if there is anything in the sent
queue besides your call, thus I think the "Find" function would be more


On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 6:26 AM, Bill <> wrote:


Not having the biggest station, I get a kick out of cluster spotters
report busting a pileup and who say "on my first call".
Almost always, I work the station on my 'last' call.

Last night I managed to get ST0R on 20 cw.
I sat down, turned on the ball game and started listening to see if I
could find a pattern.
They got louder, and I started calling.
Ballgame ended and I was still calling.
Evening news ended and I was still calling.
Finally, minutes before bedtime, I got a qso. (amazingly, again, I got
them on my LAST call)

Here's my 'tongue in cheek request'.
WinWarblers 'sent' pane was filled with 'W9OL W9OL' ad infinitum.

Just for grins I tried scrolling and trying to count how many calls I
made. Scrapped that idea quickly.

Dave, anyway a counter be employed to start when you put a call into
WW's Call field and count each F5 (my single callsign macro) and display
the totals calls till the DX station is logged? LOL

I inconvenienced a major number of electrons last night. LOL

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