Multi radio user-defined controls

Guido Rasschaert <on7gr@...>

Hi All, 
I've got a configuration set up with a K3 and a first radio TS 870 as a second, multi-radio, and so this work well. 
For practical reasons, currently I use the K3 from 160 to 17 and the TS870 from 15 to 10. 
I have several user defined controls for both TX's. 
My question is can I configure the commander that the user defined controls needed for the K3 only present if the K3 is active and that the controls for the TS870 are present if it is active. 
I think this can be done via configuration commander, multi-radio, user-defined set of Control. 
But here it is over for me. I do not know what I'm here and in the 
Radio 1 and 2 edit to enter. 
I've searched the help files but I'm not wiser. 
Are there any examples available?

Thanks in advance

73 de ON7GR  Guido

excuse for my english

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