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Dave AA6YQ

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Dave and the group,

Thanks for the answer Dave. I realised that there was no DOK vfy, and so I
assumed it would be by using the "user-defined" items, but I have to admit
being rather dumb concerning the whole user-defined items section within

I cannot work out how to accomplish this at all. I've tried the help, but
that only seems to tell me what type of data I can put in the fields, and I
just can't work out what to put where.

Is there anyone here that can help me in setting up the USER-DEFINED items
so that I can set those confirmed DOK's, on a per-band basis?

Some things I can work out (eventually), but this, like databases, is a
complete mystery to me.
As I said before, I don't want to play, and subsequently make a mess of my
logbook entries, as I have almost 70k contacts in there!

Any help would be much appreciated!

Perhaps it's time to add a "DOK vfy" selector on the Main window's QSL


Dave, AA6YQ

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