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Thanks for sending me your errorlog.txt file, John. The errorlog shows that
each time Commander transmits a command to your FT 840, it receives a
"framing error":

19-Jul-2011 01:07:19 > CIVComm.CommError: thePort = 0, theError: Framing

The usual cause of a framing error the serial port's RX data line being
shorted to ground -- but that results in continuous framing errors, as
opposed to framing errors in response to receiving a command.

Having your transceiver configured for too low a baud rate could also
produce a framing error, but since your transceiver is correctly responding
to commands from Commander, the baud rate must be correct.

It's possible that the PC serial port to which your FT 840 connects is
broken. Since you have a known working serial port connected to your other
transceiver, I suggest that you temporarily connect your FT 840 via this
known working serial port. If Commander can control your FT840 via this
known working serial port, then the original serial port is likely broken;
if not, your FT-840 is likely broken.
I would have thought that setting an incorrect number of stop bits in the RS-232 protocol would result in framing errors as well. The FT-840 appears to be 8N2 i.e. 2 stop bits. Also since they are intermittent a bad connection in the serial CAT cable.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Hi Dave just got off from work here is the error file.
I noticed that the cat lite would flash every few seconds like it was
being pinged.
Don't know it that is of any use.
Tnx for all you do.
John K5JEW

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