Re: eQSL/LotW Uploads via ADIF, finishing the job

Dave AA6YQ

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WADR Dave, I don't see anything in the docs about setting eQSL_sent
status to 'Y' when using the export to ADIF method, other than what is
implied by the following statement:
After logging into, upload the file you just exported. Since does not presently provide a means of verifying that a QSO has
been successfully uploaded, you must inspect the upload report and
manually reset the eQSL Sent, eQSL Date Sent, and eQSL Rcvd fields for
each QSO that was rejected.
Except that QSO records have their eQSL_sent field set to 'R' after
export, so that statement is wrong because you need to change every
successfully uploaded QSO so that eQSL_sent is 'Y'. Otherwise I believe
that a subsequent batch queue operation for eQSL will attempt to resend
all the QSOs via the QSL queue.

You're right, Bill, the documentation is inconsistent with the
implementation. I'm thinking that it may be better to have the "Export to" option change each exported QSO's "eQSL QSL Sent" item to 'Y'
rather than leave it set to 'R'.


Dave, AA6YQ

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