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It's a relatively new PC, just over three years old: Dell Vostro 200, 2MB RAM and 150GB hard drive.

Your suggestion to use "Advanced SystemCare" has saved the day. I knew that I had accumulated a lot of rubbish in the start up menu but when I look at it I was clueless as to what was needed and what to throw away. Your software told me told me just that.

In my mind, I have already shelled out for a new PC. I can now redirect that (now extra) cash in the direction of Elecraft or some other worthy destination (hi).

Thanks again.


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Not really off topic, but maybe stretching it a little.

I'm getting fed up with my PC. I seem to be lurching from one crisis to
another. Yesterday, and again this morning, the thing refused to wake up. It
needed another poke in the ribs and a severe talking to before it would
stir. It's time to start again with a shiny new one.

I've trawled the web, and looked in shops, but the more I look the less I
understand. I use a PC for going on line, emails and letter writing,
keeping household accounts and watching YouTube videos. I can't see me
getting involved editing films or playing arcade games. Of course its main
use would be to house DXLabs.

What should I be looking for?

What make and model PC do you have now, Bill? How much RAM is installed?
How big is it's hard drive?

Before giving up on your current system, you might consider doing the

1. backup your log and all other critical information (email, letters,
accounts, etc)

2. download the freeware version of "Advanced SystemCare", and run through
its diagnostic and repair procedures. In particular

- minimize the Windows "startup list" to those applications you always use

- free-up disk space

- defragment the hard drive

If that's not effective, you could (after verifying that everything is
backed up and that you have access to all of the applications you use)
perform a clean installation of Windows, perform all of the Windows updates,
and then install your applications.

While the above steps are time-consuming, they have the benefit of
costing nothing.


Dave, AA6YQ

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