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With Dave's help, I've managed to put off buying another PC for another wee while.

What you did is inevitable. In the world of the PC, you will always get a better deal next week, and an even better one the week after that. The trick is, once you've bought it, stop looking (Hi).

Good luck,


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I spent most of last week looking for a new PC.
Staples had the HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1010 on sale for $299.99.
So, we took a ride to Rochester and picked one up.

This week they have the HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1020 on sale for $329.99
I should have waited a couple more days.
+A bit more processor
+More RAM
+Bigger Hard drive
++Wireless LAN

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Not really off topic, but maybe stretching it a little.

I'm getting fed up with my PC. I seem to be lurching from one crisis to
another. Yesterday, and again this morning, the thing refused to wake up. It
needed another poke in the ribs and a severe talking to before it would
stir. It's time to start again with a shiny new one.

I've trawled the web, and looked in shops, but the more I look the less I
understand. I use a PC for going on line, emails and letter writing,
keeping household accounts and watching YouTube videos. I can't see me
getting involved editing films or playing arcade games. Of course its main
use would be to house DXLabs.

What should I be looking for?



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