Re: Hand Written QSL Cards


OK, I think I can answer my own question here. I see that the enable/disable check box on each queue entry allows me to process the queue in batches and that seems to allow me to do what I require. I.e. I will disable all then enable each as I write the matching card, then I can update the log whenever I like because it will only process the enabled QSOs.


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I have a log that contains contacts that require hand written QSL cards. I would like to use the QSL queue facility of DxK to manage this but don't see an obvious workflow. I guess I could generate a PDF file of auto pronted cards then copy the details to the actual cards -- is there a way of skipping the print file and just processing the queue one by one manually?

I see that I can jump back to the QSO record by Ctrl+Double-click from the QSL queue, but I don't see a way of doing the back filling of the QSL sent card. I propose to just edit each QSO as I go and clear the QSL queue at the end, but this seems error prone if I don't write all the cards in one pass.


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