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Dave AA6YQ

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Closing the DXLab applications might free up enough CPU to allow your
machine to recover but that's a result of the problem, not likely the
cause of it.

The next time that happens to you try the following:

1) Open task manager (since the machine is unresponsive that might take
a while).
2) Click on the "Show processes from all users" button.
3) Click on the CPU heading once or twice to sort the list in descending
order by CPU usage.
4) See what process is chewing up most of your CPU

It might be task manager itself but we know that's overloaded so look
for the next one down the list. Chances are it will be something that
you don't know why it's there or what it's doing. There is a good chance
that it is part of your anti malware program that has become confused
and is beating up your machine. Search the Internet for a solution. You
are undoubtedly not the only one who has had the same problem and there
is a good chance you'll find a solution.
I think you are misunderstanding, I probably wasn't clear in my original
post. The machine is not at all unresponsive in this case, task switching
works instantaneously as normal but the switch just cycles around the
windows of one of the DXLab applications that has two windows open. For
example Commander or DXView. Also if it helps anyone diagnose this, it tries
to switch to another task but seems to get rapidly switched back
automatically to the original DXLab application.

+++ This is not something I will attempt to diagnose. The task switcher is a
part of Windows, and that is where the responsible defect most likely lies.


Dave, AA6YQ

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