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And that's another method I have used....refeed the sheet and use the "used" count...but this extra process could be removed by a label counter telling me how many are left for that one sheet (I only have a 1 sheet feed). Not having to preview and then figure out how many more envelopes to pull (which is a guess as I have no real idea how many Q's are in each envelope...averaging 1-2) to finish the one label sheet would be great.

What I see as a possible addition, since I can only do one sheet at a time, is a "view" into how many labels remain for that one sheet when I do an ADD into the print queue. Feeding and re-feeding is extra time when dealing with 31K Q's so I do previews over this feed/refeed method.

The average DXer may not need this but a QSL manager could use as it helps him to see what's going on versus having to check the print preview with a boxes of envelopes next to him.

Just a suggestion.....


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Hi Dave

Not in my case...I would only request an indicator how many labels remain
unused per page. I have a HP1320 Laserjet and its a 1 page manual feed from
the front.

For a laserjet type printer I have read that its not wise to feed the labels
from the normal tray as the label sheet would have to go thru rollers and
change direction
and this could result in labels coming off within the printer. Thus its
advised to feed the sheet from the front and have it exit out the
rear...thus the label sheet moves straight thru the printer. Also multiple
sheets in a laserjet would really raise the temperature of the rollers and
all the internal "stuff" so I only do one sheet at a time, process those
envelopes and then start the next 30 labels allowing the printer to go thru
a cool down cycle. The labels sheet, when exiting, is quite warm.

If there were multiple sheets in a feeder I guess the code could track that
by how many "NEXT" occurrences there were in the print queue.

The software is slick now and does a great job for me. The indicator would
add a bit more efficiency in printing out the 1000's of labels I have to do.
+++ I don't understand what it is you are requesting. When printing a batch of labels, only one sheet ends up with unused labels (the last one), you can easily see how many unused labels remain on that sheet, and you won't need to specify this as a parameter till you use this partially-populated sheet as the first sheet of the next batch.


Dave, AA6YQ


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