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Using WinWarbler's Macros window, you can save a file of macro
definitions from either bank to a file. You can subsequently load that
file's macro definitions into either bank.

But I can't save to a new file, it doesn't ask for a file name once a file
name is listed at the top of the WW macro edit page. I think that there
sould be a "Save As ..." button as well as the save button.

+++ The Save button displays a "Save Macrobank N to File" window bearing a
standard Windows File Selector. It does this whether or not a filename is
displayed at the top of the WinWarbler Macros button.
OK, so the behaviour of the "Save" button is what most applications do for their "Save As..." action. In which case I don't get the file selector dialog (I did when I first saved the bank 2 macros in PSK mode).

+++ Is there an errorlog.txt file in your WinWarbler folder?
There is an errorlog.txt file but there is nothing recent logged in there.


Dave, AA6YQ

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