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trying to set up some macro banks.

Created a PSK bank 2 and hit save: prompted for file name to save to, this
is fine and I understand. Tested with load macro and all is FB.

Switched to CW and bank 2, the PSK macros are still there so I guess the
previous contents are there as load doesn't specify new macros for bank 2.

Edited macros in bank 2 and hit save. Here it all goes wrong, the file name
is not prompted, no files seem to be cahnged, and no error message emitted.

Is there an errorlog.txt file in your WinWarbler folder? If so, please
attach this file to an email message and send it to me via aa6yq (at) If not, then please try clicking the Macro window's Save
button again.

How do I use the config dialog to save a bank 2 set of macros after I have
loaded bank 2 in a diferent mode?

I assume I can create the CW bank 2 file manually but this should be
possible from the config dialog shouldn't it.

There is no "CW bank 2". There are exactly two banks of macros, named
"bank 1" and "bank 2". Standard practice is to configure each mode-specific
startup macro to load a file of mode-specific macros into bank 1. For
example, the CW startup macro would load a file of macro definitions named
CW.txt into bank 1, and the RTTY startup macro would load a file of macro
definitions named RTTY.txt into bank 1.

If 16 macros are insufficient, a mode-specific startup macro could load a
second file of mode-specific macros into bank 2.
This is exactly what I am trying to do.

Using WinWarbler's Macros window, you can save a file of macro
definitions from either bank to a file. You can subsequently load that
file's macro definitions into either bank.
But I can't save to a new file, it doesn't ask for a file name once a file name is listed at the top of the WW macro edit page. I think that there sould be a "Save As ..." button as well as the save button.


Dave, AA6YQ

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