Macro Save Inconsistencies



trying to set up some macro banks.

Created a PSK bank 2 and hit save: prompted for file name to save to, this is fine and I understand. Tested with load macro and all is FB.

Switched to CW and bank 2, the PSK macros are still there so I guess the previous contents are there as load doesn't specify new macros for bank 2.

Edited macros in bank 2 and hit save. Here it all goes wrong, the file name is not prompted, no files seem to be cahnged, and no error message emitted.

How do I use the config dialog to save a bank 2 set of macros after I have loaded bank 2 in a diferent mode?

I assume I can create the CW bank 2 file manually but this should be possible from the config dialog shouldn't it.


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