Re: DXView 1.2.6 regression

Richard B Drake


I use most of the fields as they are with the exception of region
and time. I would like to see the ability to enter Lat/Lon and
calculate the heading. I monitor the Maritime Mobile Service net
and often boats give their position in Lat/Lon and it would be
helpful to be able to enter that and point the beam at them. I
like the map the way it is but one possibility might be to put it
into a separate window with a button to display it. Then the
control portion of the program would occupy less than half of the
current screen real estate.

73, Rich - W3ZJ

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The title bar UTC clock does not function in this release -- I
disabled it while debugging something, forgot to
restore it, and
failed to notice its condition during pre-release testing. I'll
correct it in the next release.

Any comments on the proposal to create an alternative
DXView window
that consumes less screen space by presenting less
information and by
displaying a smaller map? What fields should be
retained in this


Dave, AA6YQ

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