Migrating to Win7? Something to watch out for.

kk1w2000 <kk1w@...>

Hey folks,

I picked up a new Win7 PC this week and setup DXlabs on it last night. I
followed the detailed instructions provided at
<http://www.dxlabsuite.com/dxlabwiki/MovingBetweenPCs> ) It went pretty
well but I ran into something you should be aware of.

Step 6iii has you activate the workspace you saved in step 3h (e.g.
RelocationBackup). If you're moving from XP to XP this is fine, if
you're going from XP to Vista or Win7 it will overwrite the program file
paths in Launcher's configuration screen and make all modules stop
working. Once you activate the workspace you will need to edit each
programs path in launcher's configuration screen to point back to the
correct folder. Only the Launcher's path isn't changed and you can use
that as an example of how the others should look. If you don't do this
you will get a Window's warning the program can't be found. Also looking
in Launcher's config screen there won't be a current version listed and
all the programs will show the need for an upgrade.

I don't see a workaround as there isn't a way to separate coping these
paths from the rest of the data when you create the workspace. Once
corrected you will need to activate all the modules and correct any
other path issues that are incorrect.

Should a line cautioning this could happen be added to the wiki?

Of course maybe I missed something during the process but that's what I
saw at my end. Hopefully this will help someone from following the
process and then scratching their head when they're done.

OTOH once up and running on the new PC the speed increase is incredible
- well worth the effort to make the change.


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