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Thanks for the instant reply, Joe. I'm wondering, are you looking over my shoulder? HI

I downloaded the latest configuration file, changed my Qs back to JT65A, and the upload worked FB. I'll have to wait a while to see if the Qs are now "in my log" and I can get my 3 QSLs.

Thanks again for the info. I would have thought that the configuration file would have been automatically updated when I updated to TQSL 1.13.

As usual, this group and it's members is always a great source of help. I really appreciate it.



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I'm using TQSL 1.13, which I think is the latest version.
tQSL 1.13 is indeed the latest version of the software. However,
there have been updates of the *configuration file*. The newest
configuration file specifically includes JT65A, JT65B and JT65C
which are all mapped internally to JT65.

Please download and install the current configuration file by
logging into your account on LotW. Then select "Your Account" in
the upper right corner of the web page, click on "Your Certificates"
in the menu on the left, then click on "Download current TQSL
Configuration file". That will open a File dialog,

Click on "Open with TrustedQSL" and tQSL will be called to process
and install the configuration file.

Once you have installed the updated configuration file, remove the
any custom mode mapping you have done in File | Preferences | ADIF

With the new configuration file, LotW will store the JT65A QSO as
JT65(DATA) and DXKeeper should be able to match it ... just as LotW
stores LSB or USB as SSB(PHONE).


... Joe, W4TV

On 3/7/2011 9:09 AM, wb2nvr wrote:
Dave& Joe -

Thanks for the comments, but I still have a problem with JT65 and

I'm using TQSL 1.13, which I think is the latest version. If I upload
my DXKeeper log where I have a Qs defined as JT65A, the upload is
rejected. If I add a mode map to TQSL for JT65A=JT65, the Qs are
accepted. In checking the LOTW page directly, the Qs are all listed
as JT65. Accepted mode is JT65, not JT65A according to the mode
search filter. I have 3 QSLs reported on the LOTW page. When I sync
LOTW to DXKeeper, I was getting a report indicating that the JT65A
Q's were not in the log. I changed the mode in DXKeeper to JT65,
resynced, but still no joy. DXKeeper status shows LOTW Sent as U,
and LOTW Rcvd as R. According to the LOTW page, all the Q's should
be Y, and there should be 3 Y's for QSLs.

I changed the JT65A Qs to JT65, and re-uploaded to LOTW (at the risk
of creating more zombies). Did a Sync, with the same result.

Has anyone else uploaded JT65 Q's and had them report correctly to
DXKeeper? Can you suggest anything else that I can check?

Thanks in advance.


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AA6YQ comments below
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Load the updated tQSL config file from the LotW web site. It will
accept JT65A, JT65B, JT65C and JT65G without changes.

There is no need to "hack" DXKeeper for modes that have already
been updated in LotW.

If you do log a QSO in a data mode that LotW does not yet
direct TQSL to map it to DATA; this will ensure both LotW
acceptance and DXKeeper matching.


Dave, AA6YQ


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