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Peter Jordahl

Thanks for the explanation, Tony. An interesting bit of history.
(BTW, I hope the "summer" weather in the South Orkneys is better than
the seather here in Austin, TX: Lows of 16F the last two mornings. I
know that's nothing for you northeners, but it is pretty unusual here.)
Pete K5GM

On Wed, 02 Feb 2011 10:28 -0500, "Anthony W. DePrato"
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At 05:43 PM 1/31/2011, you wrote:
I did not see the earlier response by Joe on this subject, sorry. But
that still begs the question of how DXVIEW or SpotCollector interprets
the DXCC database as it does? I see nothing in there about all of the
VP8 calls being assigned to the Falklands.

I guess for now an override is the appropriate fix.

Pete K5GM

very few realize that the Post Master in Stanley is the issuing
officer for ham calls. the Falklands for many years did not have
telephone service between a lot of the camps and ranches on either
the East or West Islands or the 20 some smaller islands surrounding
them. you do not have to set a test in the Falklands but cause for
years ham radio was used as the interisland telephone . many schools
would hold class over the radio so that the kids out in the camps
could have an education. for years i supplied crystals for a lot of
the hams so they could put their radios on the interisland freq. at
2mhz. Since they figure that South Sandwich South George South
Shetlands South Orkney ect. are all under the Protectant and part of
VP8 one call works for all. To help keep the islands apart in your
logging programs as each is a dxcc credit the programers came up with
the VP8-F VP8-SG VP8-O VP8-SI VP8-SH . SO when you worked a VP8 and
found out where he was you just checked which of the databases it
fell into. other then base operations people on the islands that have
military bases all the islands have no people living on them.
The bottom line is. if you work any VP8 it will be listed as
Falklands unless you setup and exception .

73 Tony VP8BLZ


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