Re: DXKeeper bug?


In thinking about about, do we know whether more people add comments to spots or not? If the majority make comments, perhaps the ctrl-click action should be the default and the ctrl-click action would send the spot without comment. That would also make it more intuitively consistent with SC.

Marty, N1HT

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Ok. I missed that ctrl-key thing. Thanks, Dave.
Marty, N1HT

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+++ more AA6YQ comments below

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When you generated the outgoing spot from the Capture window, where did
you specify your comment?

In the box labeled "comment" right above the contest mode check box.

+++That box is exclusively used to record a comment with the QSO. To specify
notes to be included with an outgoing spot generated from the Capture
window, depress the CTRL key while clicking the Capture window's Spot
button, and you'll be prompted to specify your notes.


Dave, AA6YQ

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