Re: my tower and the storm slightly off topic

Richard J. Fiero II W5TFW <joeyw5tfw@...>

I am TRULY " Shaken by the things I hear from you Guys ! "

where is your TRUST in AL Gore ! ~~~~~~~~~he has made Billions of dollars lying to all of YOU !

by the way, where IS al Gore ? surely he can explain this ?

MY NMS Button so far this year is functioning WELL !

now LAST Year,.............................................. we wont go there !

Louisiana State University !

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Subject: [dxlab] my tower and the storm slightly off topic

I had nested my crankup tower well prior to this storm hitting.
The antenna was approximately at the 35 feet level
Now it's at the 25 feet asl

that's 'Above Snow Level'.

Dave, can you convert that 'Improve SFI button' to a NMS button?

NMS = No More Snow....
worst storm in my 66 years

and it's not expected to stop for at least 8 more hours

If you were using OS/2, you'd probably be home by now.
Bill H. in Chicagoland
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