DXLab support for the new IC-7600 and IC-7700 firmware releases

Dave AA6YQ

Late last year, Icom released new firmware for the IC-7800 that fulfills a
longstanding request from the DXing and contesting communities: the ability
for transceiver control applications to determine whether the transceiver is
in Split mode. This firmware update also enables a transceiver control
application to transmit CW from text without any external interface. I
extended DXLab's Commander (transceiver control) and WinWarbler (digital
modes, CW transmission, phone voice keyer) components to exploit these new

Recently, Icom has released new firmware updates for the IC-7600 and IC-7700
that include both the "read split" and "transmit CW from text" capabilities
described above. Jay W5JAY has confirmed that the current release of
Commander follows changes to Split made from his IC-7700's front panel. If
you have an IC-7600, have updated its firmware to the new version, and have
tested this capability with Commander, please let me know.

I'd also appreciate hearing from anyone who has used WinWarbler to transmit
CW using the the new firmware on an IC-7600 or IC-7700.

DXLab applications are completely free, and available via www.dxlabsuite.com


Dave, AA6YQ

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