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Dave AA6YQ

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There are times when one is chasing DX on a band whose antenna is not
rotatable. If a needed station is announced on a band whose antenna is
rotatable, it's desireable to initiate the rotation without having to
I agree. If I am tuning around on 160 and see a spot for a new one on 15,
then shift-entering that call will rotate. That is a good thing.

Referring to your priorities above, you can accomplish these by typing
callsign and either striking the Enter key (if you don't want rotation) or
striking CTRL-Enter if you do want rotation.
Is there a way to get no rotation but still get the capture window
pre-filled? I guess my objective is to not have to enter the call in
DXView, then if it is needed enter it again in Capture.

Of course, simply doing what I have been doing, entering it in Capture, does
the DXView thing to see if it is needed, and I can Control-enter or
alt-enter to rotate as needed. I guess the bottom line is that for my needs
I have been doing it the right way so far. I had this idea in the back of
my head that it was more 'proper' to use DXView for this purpose.

+++ You're right that by depressing the CTRL key after typing a callsing in
DXView, you can both rotate your antenna to its short-path heading and
populate DXKeeper's Capture window by strikign CTRL-Enter instead of Enter.
But rather than add more options to DXView to "disconnect" populating the
Capture window from antenna rotation, I suggest that you continue to use the
Capture window, as it provides all the functionality you seek.


Dave, AA6YQ

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