DXView Ctrl-enterturns rotor on low bands

Chuck, WS1L

My usualy method of checking calls for need has been to enter them in the
capture window and then see what DXView has to say. I recently decided to
try entering the call in DXView and control-entering. This should give me a
propagation lookup as well as a callbook lookup and populate the capture
window. It does all that, but it also turns my rotor to the proper heading.

All well and good, but the rig was on 160, and the beam is not that big!

So, I checked DXView config, made sure rotor control was set to only accept
directives for 20-10 meters. It was.

I guess DXView doesn't know what band I'm on, so it turns the rotor. I like
the ability to get everything ready for a station, but turning the rotor
this way and that might be a bit much. I see shift-enter does a qrz lookup.

Is there a way to get the benefits of qrz, propagation, and capture pre-fill
without the rotor needlessly hunting? Priority for me would be:

Capture pre-fill
rotor if 20-10 meters
qrz lookup

Not a big deal, and others may use the features differently so may have
different needs.

73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler

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